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Welcome to AppliedSuvival.com.

Your one-stop-shop for the most applicable information on survivalism, self-defense, prepping, the outdoors, and the ever-growing online battlefield.  

We’re a band of hunters, soldiers, tradesmen, hackers, and pirates. 

Our tribe’s motto is “Anytime. Anywhere.”

We come from different walks of life, but we all have one thing in common:

An uncommon belief that life’s hard. So get over it.

In fact, we go beyond “getting over it.” We get in front of it. 

We prepare for the unthinkable. The unimaginable. And sometimes the unforeseeable. 

Overbearing governments. Environmental disasters. Unstable economies. 

Our mission is to teach you how to prepare and adapt to social, financial, and national instability.  

We’re here to provide you with the essential skills and tools you need to keep you and your family not just surviving, but thriving in an ever-changing world. 


Man standing with shotgun
Chief Editor “Pickle Rick” Matto:

Most say he’s a bit of handful. A natural-born rebel (thrown out of his cub scout troop in the first week for fighting), he’s loyal to the bone. Just make sure you stay on his good side. It’s his job to curate the best information you need to be ready for whatever situation you come across. His goal is to show you how to live on your own terms, even when that means going against the grain. 

Captain Wrecker:

8-year active-duty USMC officer and Eagle Scout. He does things he can’t talk about. But he’ll share what he can when it comes to surviving, defending, or even attacking, in critical situations. 

man standing under waterfall
Chief Survivalist "Big John" Wilco:

Famous for pitching tents in the oddest of places. He can live off-grid in any environment. He’s here to help you navigate extreme situations and show you how to bug out quickly and safely when shit hits the fan. 



Our everything-digital guru. Some of you out there are pros at blowing shit up, building fires, foraging for morels, and field dressing a tiger. But what about when someone steals your identity? Your credit cards shut down? Jobs outsourced to 3rd world countries? Your bank statements come back with lots of debt and no assets? Chuck can help with that. 

man sitting and smiling
woman with rifle slung over shoulder


She’s a pirate. Keep an eye on her or she’ll take your wallet…  Just kidding… She know’s more about surviving outdoors than you can imagine. Growing up in the backwoods of Indiana, she’ll teach you what to look for, and what to avoid, when it comes to living in the wild. But really though, keep an eye on your wallet. 

our promise

By our powers combined… We’re going to make you one tough USOB.

We’ve set out to learn and find everything you need to be prepared for the unforeseeable future.

Everything you find here has been battle-tested or researched by our USOBs. 

We ensure it all meets our highest standards when it comes to kicking ass and taking names. 

But because the quantity of content we must produce to get this information to you is so great we must enlist the help from the outside to write it all down. 

Rest assured though, nothing goes out to you without our team first revising and approving it. 

It’s our pledge to provide the most accurate and trustworthy advice, lessons, and recommendations. 

We do our best to touch and field test every piece of gear and equipment we can get our hands-on.  

But we don’t want you to miss out on the stuff we can’t get either. 

In this case, we will rely on online feedback from other real users who have tested the products in the field. 

That way you never miss out on the latest tools and resources.

We’re here to build a place where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. 

Because making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.  

And you can be glad there’s one place in the world where the people are all the same. 

Who share your passion, your troubles, and advice on how we can get through anything together.

Why trust this band of USOBs? 

Aside from being awesome, we’re here to help you be a better version of yourself and a reliable asset to your community. 

You know you’re in the right place if you resonate with any of the following:


  1. You want to be sure every piece of gear in your bug out bag or bunker has been battle-tested and proven so that you can depend on it when it comes time to survive.
  2. You want the peace of mind knowing you have the applicable skills it takes to use the gear, protect your family, and make sure you can get you and your team through to the other side. 
  3. You want practical advice from experience and not commercial sales pages. 
  4. You love this planet we call home and want to protect it from those who want to ruin it for the rest of us, and give your kids a shot at having a life worth living. 
  5. You cherish your freedom and refuse to give it up to any institution, government, or despot who puts their bank account before your god-given rights. 
  6. You’re ready to become the leader you were born to be.

If that sounds like you, then welcome. 

Here’s the red pill. You’ll be leaving The Matrix now. 

We look forward to you joining our team.

If you’re new to prepping and survival, you can begin by clicking here. 

—  Team AppliedSurvival